people in wheelchairs on a club dance floor lit from below with a Christ-like puppet figure hanging in the foreground

copyright notice and credits

The contents of this website © Peter Jerrim 2022.

Except for clearly identified quotes or references, all the words on this website are written by Peter. He has created all the images (including images of words) mostly from his own photos but has also incorporated and mashed works by other people.

Thank you, amazing artists, for creating your work and putting it out in the world. Peter’s photos, along with your visual works, form the raw material from which the images in this site are created. Peter hopes your work is honoured here.


Special thanks to:

  • Sue Anderson from The Wisdom of the Ring: ‘Diatom ring’ (probably Ornithocercus steinii) in dark chapel, graphite on paper (inverted), with thanks to the artist’s estate and held in the Fine Art Collection, University of Tasmania
  • Elizabeth Barsham of Tasmanian Gothic art for the image component of two girls in a forest in the edge
  • Andrew Jerrim for a photograph of fungi edited and used as a background here and also on on the studio’s main navigation page.
  • Danae Jerrim for a beautiful photograph.
  • Maria Badasian for photographs of this young man here and here on Unsplash downloaded 23 August 2019.
  • For original images from which the background was created for this poem, thanks to Antoine Rouleau who many years ago gave me permission to use his ‘egg face’ – also to Bjork (sampled from video clip – permission not requested).
  • Jared Sluyter for his image from Unsplash edited and used as a foreground image on the studio home page.
  • Annie Spratt for two photos downloaded from Unsplash on 23 September 2020. They’re blended and edited to make the image in quite quilt and its accompanying thumbnail here. Also a detail of another photo by Annie Spratt (downloaded 29 January 2021) is used as the floral component here.
  • The unknown video and installation artist (sorry, I didn't record your name) whose work was displayed in the National Gallery of Victoria (I think) perhaps in the late nineties, from which I photographed a still reproduced in sharp. Please let me know who you are if you ever come across this.
  • Wikimedia Commons for Landschaft mit Sturz des Ikarus (Landscape with the Fall of Icarus) by Pieter Brueghel the Elder – blistar2. GalleriX, Public Domain, edited directly here and in other more modified forms elsewhere.
  • Wikimedia Commons for Titian’s ‘Mars, Venus and Amor’ edited and used as a background image for lighter than heir.

Works used in visual mashups are not specifically acknowledged or attributed if they are used so minutely or they are so heavily modified that they are no long recognisable. In this case, parts of the original work are used more as raw material (like paint, found objects or collage) than quoted with distinctive features.

To the best of Peter’s knowledge this website and its contents obey and conform to common practice and all relevant copyright laws and in particular he believes no moral rights are infringed.

Enough of the legalese.

If you see an image of an art work or anything else that originates with you – or a photo of yourself – and you want it acknowledged or removed, please contact Peter.

Further attributions and thanks

This website is based on a responsive template called ‘Slate’ by Pixelarity.

Many generic images and parts of them used in whole, in part or in mashups since 2020 are edited from images downloaded for free from Unsplash. A big thank you to these past and present contributing photographers: