back cover of book with blurb and testimonials: 'Elegant, lyrical, often erotic and always intriguing.' - Amanda Lohrey - author of multi-award-winning The Labyrinth 'Peter Jerrim writes with the spirit of an amateur, in the very best sense of that word—for free-wheeling joy. His book may have an apocalyptic title, but it is full of irrepressible vitality that does honour to its subjects. Posthuman sees the best in us even as it laments our inevitable passing. In one short poem he writes, // it's better than bridges / to swim across ignorant summer / in this this only life  // Amen to that, and welcome to the mind and heart of a delightful, late-blooming poet.' - David Mason, author of Pacific Light 'Peter Jerrim's sensuous, intelligent, energising and dizzyingly fast-paced poems take the reader on a mad-cap wild ride through worlds cleverly woven from electrifying flashes of literary and musical allusion, memory and imagination, gently touching down on the pain of the past and the future. Here's our contemporary cultural dystopia, a world in free-fall, spinning with seriously funny, bitingly kind, unexpectedly improbable probabilities - and here's a refreshing new voice in Tasmanian poetry.' Anne Kellas - author of The White Room Poems