shutter speed

tourist with phone

your es daluman’s gone awol
glowing agung in the night

behold brown angels
behold brown nerds

are you nonlocal?
only partly here?

a young woman bears a daughter
who grows to be a giant

a most attractive
infant, demonstrating

nothing of gigantism or
acromelagy, but

perfect facial features,
of bendy bamboo stock

with ultra high IQ, winning
in all her ways

a stunning basketball player
and not yet five, is she

a postcolonial
dispersion error or perhaps

a genetic anomaly
influenced by control of time?

ha, get it, nerds and angels?
together you will win

what’s worth winning, which is
the only thing

I’m waiting for, your triumph
recorded on my phone, forever

shutter struck
on blue on blur

on brown
on bright