improbable romance 5

back in ’94
Lissi lies in her huggie harem soft toy paradise
her piping voice
filters to the adults who dine
at nine

Lissi discovered the Web today, says Amanda, listen…

+  click Barbie

  +  click Posh

    +  click teddy

      +  click ALL my favourites

        +  click pillow

          +  click dream

click dick
thinks Tove, says

Welcome to the hypertextual universe ladies and gents where every thread’s a winner and…
pedestrians on fire have only to think the word HELP before none arrives

Jason pours more wine, steers his smile towards the kitchen
Mel yawns and the dog under the table suddenly understands
what they’re all on about

those voices banging in her ears the shuffling thighs the must the musk…interpreting toes
she yelps, her annunciation’s complete, within weeks she’ll read letters
then correspond with stars

meanwhile Tove does his
fantastic plastic
swallows his MasterCard
nods as he counts to five

Always wanted to be a plastic surgeon, says Amanda as Tove vomits the gleaming card onto the table
Or a brain surgeon, says Mel

it doesn’t seem possible but the card is bent

Jason returns with paper towel to blot the spit and sick, thinks…

creatures of untrammelled beauty populate my dreams
yet I’m awake
and driving
across a bridge that seems to end in sky
kiss me anywhere
and I’ll expire
in a white hot field
among white words
where only one is pink

Lucky I got plenty of ’em, says Tove and whips a deck
of credit cards from his pocket
anyone for bridge?
a flutter on the geegees?
top up your super?
or your tank?

Time for dessert? says Amanda

Mel looks at Tove her wrist

I’ll tuck Lissi in, says Jason

in her room
toys stare
into the penumbra
around the night light glow

+  click Daddy, says Lissi

  +  click me

Nigh nigh Lissi
says Daddy

let creatures of untrammelled beauty
populate your dreams