girl in white nightdress in the west
girl in white nightdress in the west
girl in white nightdress in the west

improbable romance 11

it’s the idea of the girl

the girl

the idea of the girl in the west

of the west

the idea

of a girl sleeping

it’s the idea of her sleeping

she sleeps an idea

in a white dress in a bed

a bed

she sleeps in the west in a bed

she’s an idea

sung by Sally Terri the blind singer sung

on a record

sung on a record on a record player

in 1969 in a bedroom a room

in 1969 the windows

the windows of the room face

the windows face north

to other windows

facing north

I lie white

in a white dress in a bed in an idea in the west

in a song a

traditional song

an autobiographical love song

I blink at the ceiling

lit by a lamp

running across it meandering like

a tributary of the Avon

a line

the warm milk of

my lover seeps over my legs

my brown legs in a dress

it’s a night dress a

wedding dress in the west

it trickles

and the fine line

the fine line on the ceiling’s

like the groove in the record it’s Sally

Terri the salty blind singer she will sing

this song forever

in the groove in the line he

turns from the window

he turns he

wants me

always wants me

he always he’s

always north

looking through the window

another window

to the north, in the north

two men

are landing on the moon

their voices

crackling still in our heads they

descend to the sea

to the sea I can’t

I can’t remember the sea

of equilibrium

they descend they’re close

still flying north too fast they nearly


on the moon the moon the

cold ovum calm



the men land they admire they

bounce towards the curved horizon

I’m in a dress in a bed

I’m an idea of a girl

in a bed

in the west country

my love is a love

of high degree

he’ll leave me he’ll leave

wading through


he wants me again and again

I’m simply his

idea of a girl in a bed

in a room staring

at the ceiling the fine

line in the


the dawn coming

the lover coming standing

the window waiting

waiting for the dawn on the moon

the men bouncing we saw it on tv

anything is possible