rondo allah
from the silent coast
the truck woman
rising on simian wings looks
down the updraught
sees her tiny vehicle
abandoned on lichen and smudges below
turgid expressions sleep on her face as
she floats over the isle of debris


locked into base one
chas glided over his left arm still unresolved
uhuh but soon it cleared
the television on the verandah
blinking in the fine rain
twittering at the caves mouth


green was spread on chair
i sponge was heaving spread on green
to th window my consonant
eyes turned
fine rain measured to my extremities
curious pattern on the carpet
outside vestiges of instinct whorls
stimulated the glass


ah my clock
running like sunwork
beams to the overmind
confectionary frail messages
→ i was afraid
→ th palm tree
→ father and son photographed
this travesty endures into happiness