bees in poppies
ants in a cabinet
of blond wood laminated lacquered sixties short splayed legs brass feet on the left pulled outward and down from the top edge a door opens
a record player slides out-and-down on hinged grooves that keep it horizontal
the rolling stones on the turntable spin
the tonearm bobs up and down the stylus runs in a 500 metre single etched spiral groove to sing
i can’t get no o sat
is faction

on the right a door’s pulled out-and-down from the top edge
revealing a radio with an amber dial on which a cream coloured plastic indicator runs through
9LO but you don’t know what’s playing because the record player is selected
i can’t get no o
girly action

neither can you hear through a sash window of 3 mm float glass
on the edge of the suburb a distant beach’s bleak waves through which dolphins
nor indeed your neighbours talking