it was green
when i looked out the window
malcolm muggeridge said he’d
spent his whole life looking out windows
well so have i
the hill scratchy and green with occidental turf
and rabbits gorsing around on it and
a straggling fenceline downhill posts like pale
grey mexicans under a slattern sky
and no sombreros – sunglasses’d be
more use in australia even the pines
stand up brave against the pissweak sleet
that tries to dull the ausglow but the khaki
bush on the next hill over is unmarred
except for some steel roofs – blind eyes trying
to reflect the sky i’ve always made a point
of staring at the bush for hours on end you’d
never know the way i drive so quick
round its bitumen radius never getting close enough
to smell the leaves and see
just how thin the dirt is you could drive off
any native placename in this country
and get the same effect
but make sure you’ve got water in the boot
a camp stool a torch a few things
to remind you
and wills