not G>/span>reen Lantern

I’m the morph
you heard about
on late night tv
I turn myself into
(for example) the
Incredible Hulk or Gina Lollobrigida
(google these if you’re not sure
who I mean)

the transitions take months
and are quite comical
(when my dick disappears, for instance,
but is not yet its

I’ve got a following among small boys
and older women
with an independent income
you can find me on Digimon cards and giant
billboards (I was once revealed as Michael Jordan
50-storeys high
I was Michael Jordan)
or on the faces of expensive ladies watches
slower than weather

but my little trick
is inherently dissatisfying
I want to go beyond
the silky poetics
of the human genome

a dung beetle in New South Wales or a
candelabra in Zurich
something challenging
(the transitions now grotesque,

going beyond the animate
is my chief desire)