on two tongue common

dramatic kick in the pants and away we go
a calliope on the edge of a field whistles
through leaves as spookily here
as in the sixties film Blow Up where David Hemmings
plays the photographer and Veruschka the model

but reality is as grainy as the close up of a sixties
film print they didn’t have AI then to endlessly sharpen
anything they zoomed in on like leaves in slo mo trees
on the edge of a fugue you know the ones like Bach’s,
Buxtehude’s, whoever

by endlessly I mean without realistic limit I mean there
are still things too small to see I mean adequately visualise
like fundamental
particles not that they exist enough to be specifically

the quanta of my thoughts before I have them
or perhaps David Foster Wallace had them
or David Hemmings or Veruschka Von Lehndorff
the point is it was a dramatic

kick in the pants like KER-BAM inside a jagged
frame in a Popeye comic I read in the
I suppose it was the fifties
tho’ I forget who kicked whom
if that’s correct English, anyway this kinda Germanic

fugue thing is crude because it’s actually going somewhere
you listen to a fragment and you just know it’s propelling stuff
in the days before propellors well
they had screws of course, didn’t the Greeks
into the future… I want… thing… I mean… invent it?