towards earth

a soundtrack for two or more voices

down in the earth bowl the maggot storm the particle stream the chlorophyll compote starlight

across the gauss fields raunchy with dew

a woman drives
her monday school tableau
dim targets
on the country road
beside her her
three quarks in his hand full house proton perfect
wiper blades snug
torchlight congealed on his brow

code brown code brown

as the woman drives
her heart unfolds like a fungus
spore clouds
puff the windscreen
thread quarkness
he hums a thirties song in diminished mementos
she steers at shadows
then the dawn jumps up
and grabs a mike
to interrupt the endless daisy-chain of days

code brown would mr hum contact switch please mr hum contact the switchboard

hum snipped one last in the husband the abdomen the cavity below then
thanked the receptionist
nodded dr alfaz
stripped gloves
detailed theatre sister scrub nurse et al
mentally emailed anaesthetist
doffed mask gown boots
slipped on low-micron jacket mobile pager
fired tremulous farts in the corridor
approached the foyer his first communion the sacrifice of all his ways

paging mr hum mr hum you are urge
oh mr hum there you are your wifes on the phone its extremely

she’d been asleep
demisting glass
in a video store in albuquerque that only rents eisensteins
while jerky grey customers
wait in the rain
when the news came

is that mrs hum its the police here sergeant i am sorry to ring you at this hour are you awake

now they drive at dawn under the plate glass sky wondering why
it should be their daughter
they want mandrake
to gesture hypnotically
a cadenza of vitamins
a consolation of pharmacies
to pour in reversible time

this is radio 9LO-FM your easy listening station with news coming up in one minute but first ive got a call here from donna at bacon bay hel-lo donna and what did you do think of

her digital dreambyte protocol
all figures and thumbs

from the excited people who brought you realise your once in a lifeboat network international promise plan the video here promotes environment internet revolutionary future you have a dream?

the cattleman’s comfort
the fortunes of crows

vee mulls the saab coastways through violet scrub
sobs hymns from childhood
veers from a semi which exits a side road
heads east with the visor down
meanwhile her placid amigo
hums bel cantos from CDs
twists to the back seat and
pulls from a briefcase
his laptop wurlitzer lunch box chemistry set

childe hum conjures oranges from grey meals
brick veneers lit by the dawn

suprarenal the alpha blockade volume replete plasma and entry anterior severe hypertension tachyarrhythmias when tumour removed hypotension phentolamine norepinephrine operative mortality about 3%

vee has breakfasted hum
and in muesli memories of kim maree milk talk spurts from the past
the dom peri daze the showers in the seventies the havana condolences
after the boys had been born
the vasectomy arguments the probability child
the ovum in venice the gondola girl
should have been easy
vee’s face strained like an O
she cried like a gull
and a birdling bawl was born
when vee walked from the ward
her blousey balloons
tingled with mozart
while she tumbled in mare dreams hum clicked the remote



SCENE: jellyscreen shimmer vertebrae curve heart primal ultrasound bud

DISSOLVE TO: pale flash vermilion slit cheese blue the veins the clock hands whiz

DISSOLVE TO: bub sucks the baptism barbecue guests glance fireworks at night

DISSOLVE TO: labradors rollicking pancakes syrup party dress tantrums and tears

DISSOLVE TO: the visit to venice again backpacks the coffee and gold

DISSOLVE TO: three-year old in munich skull batters her brothers

DISSOLVE TO: goldilocks in botanical screech cocky pond rolldown the slope

DISSOLVE TO: the pride of erin in the kangaroo community hall

DISSOLVE TO: penalty shot thighs elbows whacks past collegiate goalie eruptions high 5s and the trance team returns to position

DISSOLVE TO: kayak dips fast out from a bright beach and bathers

DISSOLVE TO: on skis in glarefoil laughter in barracks the joke sleeping bag candles and songs

DISSOLVE TO SCENE EXTERIOR: mountainside grey alpine vegetation snow scraps glow

PAN FROM LEFT: eighteen year 12 babes boulder hop on scree the lone piper the endless cerulean the vapour trail


ZOOM IN: helpless splayed laughing looks at sky

ZOOM IN: mouth lips teeth apricot cheeks laughs and laughs

DISSOLVE TO: white ribbon rafter triathlete cello swimsuit ovation

DISSOLVE TO: graduate in black skirt blushes camera

DISSOLVE TO: hunks and lovers and streamers and sodas and



SCENE EXTERIOR: grey mitsubishi colt driveway kim maree squeal prays hands to her face father approaches from pocket appeals

ZOOM IN: kim maree tears open envelope reads card and the keys

SLOW MOTION: key in the chrome

—the slot in the slit of time THINKS hum

the goldfish in his head
nudges surfeits
feeds on vague algae
sucks the halo of slime
from a kirlian photograph
an echidna drowned in a tank

keeping cool at oregano olympics is it the same fergie of monaco who stuffed cowboy boots hand sewn for ranch employees with a handsome cash surprise to help their childrens education or is it rocker tommy lees ex wife telling distraught baywatched pamela anderson dont go back he pleaded not guilty to alleged spouse and child abuse while the reclusive yoko ono anywhere with son sean would imbalance the jekyll and hyde madonna hype and daniel day to be a dad again taking a break during the shooting at lourdes

yves klein’s models naked with bouffants print indigo on a blank board a canvas a cave
gods’ eyes press the gazebo

they built a special understanding during the photo session her private life was never broached but you glimpsed the sadness within

slung from his invisible dirigible
hum contemplates the five marks of venus

magnificent directors cut powerful and cinematically exciting version of the masters masterpiece kenneth branagh and kate winslet

a loess a shale ashamed
peals repeat from pasteurised plains

an amazing awesome pumping powerhouse of a night sunday long weekend LAST RIGHTS in conjunction with ZOOPRODUX present a DAYCARE JUNKIES event RESERVOIR GODS featuring DISKO GYM CULTURE DAEMON and FRESH video graphics by POWDER MONKEYS photography by DOXOLOGY flier design by 3RD MARBLE art direction by ZOOPRODUX presented in 3D surrendered sound TECHNOCOOLER lighting winner of 5 AKA awards including best soundtrack best supporting DJs best production

in the embryo gardens of the pacific
lovers on lone islands masturbate in the sunset

expected (today) globulus (mcarthur) from fiji woodchips bunga delima (piesse) from melbourne containers goliath (CSR) from melbourne cement

the officer of the third watch hears soft horns distant

music by ennio morricone available on CD and

cor anglais haunts chasms the flute prints earth deep dint the glade’s velvet vee
who itches for hum

theres a castle by the sea gloom its walls running with blood the tiny soldiers who defend the battlements jerk off onto the heads of the climbing amazons below

(together, with doppler effect)


blue light pulses and the white stripe of the rear vision car pull over pull over police
the bart simpson pinocchio portent infant piccolo gladiators
nets and tridents short swords clubs chains pikes spikes and javelins
the musket and cannon the breech and the recourse to noose the rack and the fire
the browning colt 45 six shooter quick draw movietone release
the battery battleship destroyer carrier gunship submarine cruiser harbour lights B52s in nam
the gatling bazooka machine gun rocket launcher the tanks comic hero commanders post WWII
the nukes in silos subs and bombers the mobile ICBMs game plans and countdowns
the generic antiviral signature scanner snapshot restoration algorithm client protect

and then
the beagle boys
the broken glass of photographs pressed
like stars
in their engaging eyes







kim maree


vingt regards









towards earth


this present life



kim’s epiphanies

pixellation before death




Celtic one five. Radar’s indicating a line of weather, ah, which appears to be moderate, ah, probably heavy precipitation starting about, ah, five miles ahead and it’s... We can’t climb over it...

my best friend tastes like
raspberry rosemary and
licorice allsorts
the swell of her cleavage the microscopic peels of lipgloss
she’s a twinkling wanking screwing squirrel of a friend
her picnic hamper full of sausages
i’ve sucked them all in the paradise of my mind
the stiletto of her times tock tock tocking puncturing the woofweb

Jock. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Turbulence?

Hobart, there’s some weird looking weather ahead. Ah, heading change right to avoid it.

what’s morse code for movies? i said
she whistled it good as a sine wave interrupted
viva indifference!
this time she blew up twice her normal size 

Celtic one five, squawk alpha bravo kilo. No. You’re heading into what appears to be the heaviest part now.

We’ll try...

Okay. Here we go. Ride ’em cowgirl. Hobart, we’re out of twelve for fifteen.

Ride that bull brahman.

in piero’s coffee house
i sit
in twilit dope embargoed
ts eliot
the cheddar of dead parliaments
van morrison

Celtic one five, Hobart, altimeter twelve niner three zero and cross forty miles northeast of Hobart four six zero knots.

Ladies and gentlemen. Ensure your seat belts are on and securely fastened. Cabin crew remain seated.

when my coven sisters come
words like burning golf balls
float from their lips
behind our backs
the heat of flames
dancing the rumba
we understate in sad degrees
the rembrandt reproductions
in plastic gilt
on roseate walls

Celtic one five, Hobart, what’s your speed now?

the virgin in the lab the iron maiden the green lantern lightning

theologians of the third ague argue but i know nothing of their algebra

writing is my religion

Ah, one five.

Roger, maintain one four thousand, Celtic one five.

We’re trying to get it up there.


Okay, ah, one five, we just got something busted I think and, ah, we’ll try to get it up to fourteen.

the dots the RGBs
the printouts
photocopies of
batwoman comics
the queen’s head green on a stamp
the girl’s own companion
cards in the cornflakes
netballers skateboards plastic in packets

oh mum the time look at the wall the clock the red line sweeping while i slept the song of the wild woman as she danced the slutter of time

Celtic one five, you say you’re at twelve thousand feet?


That’s okay, ah, are you squawking alpha bravo kilo?

Right engine won’t spool.

Our right engine has failed.

the strain of the beethoven nights
the opus in summer under the walnut
hammocked and hungry i hummed the viola
later i sought
icecream secrets
dug choc chips from vanilla tubs
squirted chardonnay from mum’s
chateau de cardboard
my mother—mary in cana
her two boys practically jesus and james
turn the water into wine jesus
do as you’re told james
turn books into movies
pets into ashes
boys into cherubs
inflated with helium
propelled by farts
they fire darts
at sweethearts

Celtic one five, roger, and, ah, I lost your transponder. Squawk alpha bravo kilo.

I am squawking alpha bravo kilo. Tell him we’re at twelve thousand feet.

Alpha bravo kilo. We are squawking. Alpha bravo kilo.

Have you a technical problem?

Affirmative. An engine failure and cannot maintain altitude.

my hip knee smooth back bends white warm skin goose bumps my tightness and flow
my neck slender tummy tight i’m fresh hard narrow
and slick my short hair bobtail listening to the songs of the sixties over and over again
the days of lightness when moving was easy as dreaming
and words fell from my face
like pearls on a roof
data from planets where no probes go

Celtic one five, you are cleared to descend and maintain ten thousand feet.

The other engine’s going, too!

Left hand engine.

Confirm engine failure. Left hand engine.

Hobart control. We have suffered a dual engine failure and are presently descending. We require the nearest suitable landing field.

the measureless slab of australia
scene from the back of a land cruiser
on leave from a lifeline when all i wanted to do was to play

Cleared air present to Launceston. Qantas off to your left about fifty miles at fourteen thousand feet.

We’re not going to make it. Look at that terrain. We’ll have to dump her. In the water, Dylan.

Oh, fuck.

lost in hydrangeas
when i stared at a leaf i suspected the throb
of huge engines running the world rotating it
forcing the vein through the green
the bloom through the rust
pushing the cat’s head lower
as she waits by the pool

Ladies and gentlemen. We are going to conduct an emergency landing. You will need to put on your life jackets. Which are under your seats.

We’re down to eight thousand.

starting at the thump
of wallabies at night
and quick quolls under the moon

Okay. Airspeed adequate for hydraulics. Sink rate on target.

spielcheck my memories dad said wind in the reel of them pull the fish from the surf the dazzledom calling the rock mercies crisscrashing on the yellow sands shaking the smell of the salt the sea lice the foam the froth the fish eggs sperm in the surf the spunk in the swell seaweed sensations the cold legs the fish on the hook


[sound of trim actuation]

Shit! Shit! Loss of both systems’ hydraulic quality.

Hobart control. We have lost all hydraulic power and have limited flight control.

the time of great challenges the thousand finger hoopla and how to blow up a class

the teacher who started a story and took a whole year

the pillow between me and rubbed rubbed with the sooth uh ah of the x in sex how i rode that pillow jammed between and pulled the warm smooth and tingle oooh the window open in daytime the pines pinups vaguely above the angles of warmth and diffusion

the tempera of cavaliers’ boots distant thunder and my room’s brass doorknob reflecting the sea

Straight ahead to five thousand feet.

a letter for sale

dead diaries and old fashion mags
the halitosis of hades the song of the pop-up toasters in post-holocaust calm
dingoes drag babies through aisles while checkout kids yawn in the dawn
distant calls and whimpers at night more

Three thousand. Jock.

Forward, forward. Easy on the yoke. We only want… Come on, baby, forward… Forward. Just barely.

the princess the pink potty displays
her simian ware
doesn’t care

Dylan, we’re going down, Dylan…

I know it.




(final regards of kim maree and vee)

(read one at a time or all at once with various FX ad lib)



(Regard du Père)

the membrane of the father his hand
his saturday cheek his no and hello
hung stomachs when he drove us over
the ’dip’ he shot rabbits and locomotives
smoke rings rising the geegees on 9LO
the racetrack prattle quiet beers and surprises
his sleepy dick under the bonnet tinkering




by the way darling have you seen
the exchange between earth and air through
the keyhole the solitary wasp lays eggs
in the fresh and paralysed grub then
seals it with mud made from specks
of dirt and spit back and forth
she flies through the house before winter



(Regard de la Croix)

in the library the rainforest i sang
but not a human voice came out
a god not my god i’ve heard
her voice before turning the pages ululating
among the gums his voice was different
it split the wood in mandelbrot patterns
spat the cream my brain again again



(Regard du Silence)

christo cling wraps members of my family
they struggle to speak words come out
like bubbles they move like slow chrysalises
exposed they are films without a camera
saturated with black strips of negative wound
around them like cloth around a mummy
wrapped in light they dissolve in vortices



(Regard du Fils sur le Fils)

the bird in the mirror the child
dreams the mirror the bird the rays
the valium ghost between silver empty the
shards of bird brides mirror the child
steps in a spacewalk stealing the stars
the bars of light and silence when
only the child’s eyes see the child




(years pass)

hum throbs on his pillow
carillons of words
echo in the dark bottle
his pseudosilence
he’s an einstein of errors
with filmic episodic grief

now his life is
colostomy colours
the cosmos the fire shore
a peregrine adventure
over the face of the west

vee tears the fetus
from her breast

i tried to sleep quietly while hum worked through midnight to oxidise his brain


mature age through med school a miracle i wont forget porridge your mother the phone and you couldnt afford a watch for a year james wetting the bed till nine was it ten?

hum just opens the tired tissues swishes
around for an artery a vein




kim maree in the moon looks down sadly




like lint on her blue suit vee clings to the night
her wanderwear discreet
mounds of captivity moving in swanshine




vee hums
past times past
the afterFX of love