in urbino

if in urbino piero could
divide the aspect of the visible world
into the five pythagorean solids
then why can’t i at spring beach tasmania
mould the electromagnetic shore
to the geodesic of my will?

if in urbino the BBC can shoot
an ex pat british salesman
dreaming the flagellation of christ
then why can’t i in hobart tasmania
begin again
the fractal engineering of the joycean day?

if in kochi nishi senior high school
my daughter sits at the back of the class
writing letters home
then why can’t i observe
more carefully the territory of birds
as i pull the ripcord on this motor mower now?

and if in paris messiaen
whispers macbeth in french and looks
to the resurrection of the dead then why can’t i
at brushy creek road tasmania
juxtapose his sanskrit rhythms with the score
of the butcher bird the magpie and the pardalote?