in violet chasm the swift flies
pencilled in silver above
the mulberry trees
ocean in a waltz dolphins
columbines overhang us now

how can i say them
all the introductions
stephen the bearded iconophile
michael gleaming in brick
or dear rhonda on the beach
all fumbling smiles
shattering the air with their bodies

a little brain flight
and a migration of angels

there was a wild rush for telephones
the new sensation is
sold over against devereux court
between the temple bar
and st clements church in the strand

h moll his new atlas
or set of twentyseven two sheet maps bound or single
all colourd according to his direction

lewis strides in the white rain

penitential the eight breaks on the river
gleaming th rowers pitch blackbird to the bank
in distant cascades each mind
walks a waterfall boulder strings autumn leaves
and all the tragic miscellany of summer
blown eggs sheeps teeth and decay
of fenceposts washed away mauls in the evening
piled cumulus with the wind shines
all the world is wet