white ink interfering

in The
Guiness Book of Cloud Chamber Glyphs
and Alphabet Soup Epithets

every bliss is qualified by bliss
and every slumber’s sombre

whether it’s the bikini edition or
dumped in cold dark matter
I like my models clothed a bit
assuming the density of the input tends
to infinity

the same goes for the
shocking experience of shock
has to be left to the imagination
prior to purchase, so

with stinging hands
I turn the snow pages
to see below
shadows of ruined cathedrals
casbahs, stadia

something perhaps dragged
from a car
the snow volumes

have no weight
frontier dimensions
they’re hospital patients
splayed in white

while I have no weight either
because I jettison waste.
as I fly over plains the
refugees look up
to my merciless gaze