a truism to be sure but the
         more we know et cetera
                  per Galileo Leavitt Hubble Payne-Gaposchkin and superseding
                                    the swarm of them, the more

we don’t know
         about the love that binds unbinds us
                  or why we’re weird and
                           terrifying ourselves
                                    with the extinguishing

by the humble of the good
         high net worth bacteria that rule suspicious worlds
                  that brink disaster with disorder
                           to go about their

we sing indigenous
         fusion lines the rapid static stretched in just
                  just picoseconds quantum bubbles explodentiated
                           and here came

you’d think enough would always be
         enough but nothing’s in it nothing
                  prepares the surprises like the
                           great mind
                                    that isn’t there

and so we celebrate
         whowhereever we are
                  the plenary of zeroes
                           the plenitude
                                    of what’s left over in the dark

a crumbling
         crumb a