Dear Aunty Avatar

Dear Aunty Avatar

It’s been yonks, NAH,
It’s been…

Dear Aunty Avatar, Aunty Av,

Aunty… Nah…
Av Avenue Ave Maria Ava Gardner… NAH
Ave Marina AbramaNAHrović

and the dark cloud the lone nimbus surrounding your private, private
possibly your freeze frame midair acrobatographical

photo was
effete audio
I mean effect for marble shoes migraine alert

now it’s just a matter of typing it
toting it

(betcha I can with two fingers) tick tock tick tock tic

tic tic tic tic tictictictic tac

toe dear aunt nah my mother’s sister’s self
you were so close when we swam the limpid in thunder it was only


flash flash        fleshflickrrrFLASH

miles over sea it couldn’t hurtelectrocute incomprehensible
my bathing costume dragged
compared with your beautyyourperfection

I was fêted before the world began
there were so many mothers to choose from
whirling there potential
mothers and I didn’t pick you I picked your
sister otherwise

I could have been perfect, too

(fathers don’t intuit)

and all my days be lightning