go lightly last

in the nineteen
when the world was young
( ’cos I was )

words required no mediation
straight from the page
they peppered my brain
but challenged I said

it’ll be sixty years
before I have
anything to add
to the corpus

thus addressed
my hot girlfriend
said cool, I’ll
wait then

but heat bombs defuse
and tho’ I miss her suede mind
under the surface of which
the world flashed in a non peppery way

it’s not up to me to say no
to the coming engagement
but in the meantime
the words have turned

into something akin
to pages of maths
to which I have not yet
been introduced

the symbols persuade
with authority
but their content
eludes me

I do enjoy
cleaned of all sense
their stately parade
over the blackboard of time

and I envy the mages
who play in the infinitude
of complexity always opening
beneath them

and the extraordinary fact
that a slice of it
explains the world that
could be surrounding us now

but crystals in shadowland?
I’ve no evidence it’s
tongue twisting time again
but maybe a straight

answer would do
here comes an effortless
attempt at the gratification
of once again talking with you