You didn’t answer one of my questions. Would you prefer taller ones? Darker? Handsome?
But my need to know – escalates.
I opened my eyes at dawn and the egg yolk of the sun bathed them. I was none the wiser.

Ancient ways. Grooved days. I’m beyond them now.
A deeper dancer’s closer. I scent her wind.
From an intimate distance she winds my heart.

At dawn the creatures in the stable resolved. Familiar stirring.
They’re not the ones.
Yet still your impassive mouth… An impasse.

I want you to regale me with light. Pour your wisdom down my throat.
Champagne, blood, sake, fire. I won’t choke.
I’ll barely swallow.

Or I’m a blank and open book.
The old words all sponged off
with the acid of my age.

Or a slate. A screen.
Blank. Virginal.
Ready for a fresh dictation.

In sensory mode.
Waiting for prayer.
Your air would be enough for me to breathe for one more day.