I think of water as the ultimate form of androgyny.
– Roni Horn*

avant! collapse in
the poetics of the world’s physique

(we’re not about Atlas here
we’re about everything might be quantum but gravity

that is, love
in all her abundance blurring

the keys the
vibrations, um, volitions, hey

we’re stringing you along here
ask why the equation-filled

blackboard can effect
what anything fancier can’t?

postgrads and prof alike leave
last week’s constellations untouched

each in turn erases a central elliptical space
in the simulated wasteland of tendentials

and puts there now thoughts in
a new form like

spinning trumpets
and a likewise brass cacophony

of instruments falling
down a brute black sky


a trombone’s
long swoon gone)

but what has this got to do
with water?

why is it always so


* My gaze alights on the water – on some spot (this spot) on the river. And as my gaze alights it feels as though I am seeing something I’ve never seen before. How does water remain so unfamiliar? … I think of water as the ultimate form of androgyny.
– Roni Horn, concerning her work Still Water (The River Thames, For Example), 1999 in TATE ETC 1 MAY 2007: ‘The master chameleon: Water’ at https://www.tate.org.uk/tate-etc/issue-10-summer-2007/master-chameleon accessed 11 July 2023