man in dark lit by red neon light
marble statue of woman with computer code over the image


she fingered phones while

liquidy dancers

hid in cell after cell of

Anish Kapoor’s

ambiguous black organs

they dared Cubismo

and body heat

newspaper photo of 60s looking woman

light motive 2

I read nothing in her face or maybe
a bell sounded

her hands diced for
minutes before

figurines toppled in gardens
emptied of movies and moonlight

and her thoughts
took flight across water

limb upon limb she climbed
skin upon skin was never enough

collage of human body, cardboard and vegetation


your fingerprints on my dreams your DNA
on my limbs
traces of you
my barrier
O love
retrievable radio
I can’t
get your fluid out of my throat
slick rivers close over
I breathe your imagined life

faded, colourised image of people talking in a pub

Aristotle contemplating a bust of Homer

these knuckles
bare worlds
graze your face

leave bruised songs
yellowing towards light
and culpability

the glass paperweight
you threw at my head
had read my thoughts

through its trajectory

men dancing with painted women in background, silhouettes of chidren walking past



we get it right


one more time

while no one’s


dark image of woman's face with black border


blind books

break open

on a floor

you read them in the dark

though daylight sometimes shines the garden

you’re seldom in the sun