one part invention


how why wonder what the

 colourful machine
 colour in the cooler absolute
 predicted by machine my mind
 how evidence can mesh, be mashed, get mugged
 skeptical, I come down with
 logorrhoea because
 I can’t digest
 Platonic solids
 like I used to

 how why wonder colours | empty alexandrines
 their ancient origins | their midnight causes célèbres
 bombs pop ears in concert | epiphanies assure

celebs stroll red carpets | as candid as they’re pure
 not ready to forget | nor ready to improve
 a volte-face, a spider | in all her dimensions

a new pubescent tune
the drool of self – don’t lick it now

ANYhowwhywonderwhy what the

big mistake in the room visible is

practically it’s nothing, but your onyx

spectacles convolute the view

you know it’s nothing to do with