sorrowful but
to recover from childhood trauma
to transform the gaming inscape
a seamless blend of exhilarating nonsense speed ownership
and outright race the phaeton to the Somme
to resemble deities with
unseamed cravings opened seemingly a
flasher on a highway nowhere impressing no one
but itself

woke kinetic
those distant arguments in a can scream
did I say obnoxious irrational
let me slip between your planets
the main riff bursts
a surge of metal
egregious synths sound like hell
open a crack your unrivalled assets
it’s nothing really

woke fader
you have been warned spoofed groomed
your riff bursts hot
but too late now
nowhere exempt from warrior-like grrrl creatures
crawling in a sack
clean stations dock
soft slogans
bogans on the quick route to the moon
they have goals they are committed they

are superior to the mark could easily elon
gate to mars
hey #con
fused fm’s dj-de-jour
is telewoke
so pay attention a new morality in the pudding a new
escape route from your head
if you didn’t know in the early early verse
dark matter stars are postulated
you could be